Zupermat [Artblocks]


Zupermat is a generative construction composed of monochome oblong shapes coloured by reflected light. This series explores sentiments and perceptions induced by organization of objects in space. The relative importance of these shapes is expressed by form, size and position. And - as the vantage point changes - the perception of these qualities is amplified, reduced, reversed, sometimes rendered imperceptible.

Sourced in malevichian tilted compositions and strict geometric restrictions, this series aims to express a vast yet circumscribed space - a sense of supreme calmness.

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published: May 6th, 2022 at noon

library: three.js r124

controls: [space] to pause and reflect

Zupermat - Notes and Features

This piece started with the idea of taking 2d-paper-and-paint constructivism and suprematism and expressing it in a three dimensional space.

On Animation and the point of view

As I was working of lighting and composition, I kept navigating into the piece to verify alignments, check the lighting and debug the rendering. As the piece matured, I kept rendering the structure front and center and often the point of view was missing a beautiful detail hidden by a larger object. It became clear that I had to find a way to make these details available to the viewer because it added a lot to my enjoyment of the piece. I experimented with intro animation and different point of view and decided to build into the piece a longform travelling camera that randomly visits every ship in the composition. The point of view is biased towards a long frontal view (also with a random element) and will once in a while pick an object and travel close to it and allow to viewer to take in all the detail (or lack thereof ;-) of this new point of view. The spacebar freezes the motion and let's you take a screenshot of enjoy the piece from that angle for a longer time.

Traits and Features

The following is a short description of most of the features of Zupermat. Most of the features are based on randomly generated number and are converted to descriptive strings in the token to simplyfy comparison and search.

Angle Regime

piet: 90° angles

von: 45° angles

vich: random angles


The ships have rounded edges. This feature caracterizes the radius of the edge. There are 3 mode with some wiggle room: tight, rounded and bubble





This feature is the background.


very light

very dark


The organization addresses the way ships are positioned in space. In a gang organization, three directions are chosen and ships are positioned tightly around the direction beams. In a mob organization, 5 directions are chosen and the ship a placed in those directions but in a loose manner. In the anarchopanda organization, their is no organization. Ships are beamed out in every direction.





The palette regulates the lighting and the colours in general

soapbar mudbar: pale blue, pale red, sometimes mud

primary sink: saturated primary colors

pasteleria: pastels of all kinds

sliver: silver blues

royalty: royal gold

royalty++ royal velvet

pure guava: bright orange and green - just like the fruit and the album

Rotation influence

How agressively are we going to apply the angle regime? These images are examples of the soapbar mudbar palette when things get muddy.

mixed influence

total influence


Size bias

This is the size of the surrounding ships.

mostly small


mostly long

Time of day

The time of day affects the overall lighting of the piece. It will modulate colors and light positions.