Philippe Caya is a visual artist based in Montreal, Canada. He uses generative algorithms, pen plotters, and traditional painting techniques to create his works. He also works under the pseudonym 0xPhiiil.

His artistic focus revolves around generative sculptures and animations, with an emphasis on exploring themes related to relationships, complementarity, and conflicts.

Philippe holds a bachelor's degree in Engineering from École Polytechnique de Montréal. His art has been featured in various digital art platforms, including Artblocks, FxHash, and Additionally, he has participated in both group and solo exhibitions in Canada and the United States.

2024 February   Overflow/Débordement   group   Va Savoir Gallery, Montréal, Canada

Group exhibition featuring 5 Montreal-based artists, including Hélène Cedenese and Jean-Pierre Gauthier.

2024 January   Cloud Patina   solo   Prohibition.Art

Cloud Patina is a generative series displaying the breadth of variability of imaginary recycled metals. These metal plates are imagined in the warehouse of a recycling facility ready to be selected and repurposed by sculptors and creators.

2023 September   Stormae at Artblocks Activations   group   Marfa, Texas

Presentation of Stormae, a generative sculpture, where the viewer is placed in the role of art generator as on every click a new sculpture is randomly generated and be explored in augmented reality.

2023 April   Beyond Physicality   group   dArt NYC, New York

Immersive, gravity-defying sculptures visuals paired with resonant soundscapes. Narrative, spatial videos paired with Debussy. All things felt more deeply thanks to AR headsets and haptic vests.

2023 March   Beginnings Exhibition   solo   Va Savoir Gallery, Montreal, Canada

Solo exhibition of 16 hand-drawn works on canvas based on the generative algorithm behind the Beginnings generative series. The opening night features live plotted mints from the acquisitions. The exhibition also welcomed a school visit with the artist which introduced students to generative art and creative coding.

2023 March   Beginnings   solo

Launch of the Beginnings generative series on The series features a physical portion where every mint can be claimed as a physical plot, signed and shipped by the artist. Collectors from Texas, New York, California, South-Africa, Turkey and Spain received physical plots.

2022 November   Zupermat #0 Live   group   Artblocks Sunset Event, Marfa, Texas

Zupermat, an infinite documentary of cuboid families, was selected for this group presentation for its infinitely random animation and its adaptive screen aspect ratio.

2022 Mai   Zupermat   solo

Drop of the Zupermat generative series. Zupermat is the infinite documentary on the life of pseudo-random rectangular cuboids. Sometimes a deep dive into a particular side of their construction, other times a broad portrait of their organization as gangs, mob and anarcho-secret societies.

2017 Fall   Duochromes Exhibition   solo   Soucoupe, Montreal, Canada

Using two geometric forms, the artist expresses power relationships through both gigantic vs. minute sizes and adjacent vs. complementary colors. The series is composed of large format geometric color field works on wood. The exhibition was held from October 31, 2017 through February 28, 2018.

2016 Winter   Nonagon Exhibition   solo   Soucoupe, Montreal, Canada

The Nonagon exhibition juxtaposes the rigid geometry of nine-sided, angular forms with the gentle, ethereal palette of pastel colors, revealing the inherent contradictions within monolithic structures. The exhibition was held from January 20, 2016 to February 20, 2016.

Sept 28, 2023   Stormae   podcast   Collector's Corner - Episode 50 - 31:10

Review of Marfa activation by Jared Poz.

One of the more amazing activation I've participated in at Marfa was 0xPhiil's 3d generative sculpture rendering in augmented reality called Stormae. The trippiest thing is that you can engage with the sculpture, you can run around, see the different angles, look up at it and it was just so beautifully represented and rendered. It was really inspiring and beatiful in it's own right.

December 9, 2022   Block in French   online panel   Blocktalkathon: 24-Hours Celebrating 2 Years of Art Blocks - 19:00:00

Une heure spéciale pour notre communauté mondiale tout en français avec 0xphiiil, Johan, Louis-André Labadie, William Mapan

August 30, 2022   Behind the Code   online panel   Zupermat by 0xphiiil

A deep dive into 0xPhiiil's creative coding and process for the project Zupermat

- In watching the animation, I fell like you can potentially watch it for hours without getting the sense of it repeating. Does it ever repeat? - No.

June 12, 2022   Freehand   podcast   Waiting To Be Signed - Episode 23 - 39:45

Review of the Freehand collaboration between 0xPhiiil and Indonesia-based artist Ciput

This is what I want from collaborations, taking someone how hasn't done generative art and helping them adapt into this medium. This collaboration is super interesting, because the artist Ciput is an emotionaly driven artist and color driven.

February 13, 2022   Destijl Fortunes   podcast   Waiting To Be Signed - Episode 6 - 14:50

Review of the Destijl Fortunes generative series.

A great use of oversaturated colors on a parchmenty background. A ton a care went into the construction and design of the piece [...] with these non-sensical crypto-adjacent fortunes that pop-out at you.